The expiration date stamp has EXPIRED

The Keep-it® indicator constantly monitors temperature over time, and shows the actual remaining shelf life of a product.

The shelf life indicator is attached to the product as the last step in the production. The indicator is tailored to each individual product.

When the dark stripe on the Keep-it® indicator is long, the food is fresh. If it is less than zero, the food is no longer edible.

With Keep-it®, you can be confident that the food has passed successfully through the cold chain, from the factory to your fridge, right up until you open the packaging.

Let the Keep-it® shelf life indicator help you plan what you will have for dinner.

You will also save money and save the environment by avoiding unnecessary food waste


Questions we are asked regularly

  • How the Keep-it® indicator works

    When the Keep-it® indicator is attached to a product, the indicator will start to constantly monitor the temperatures to which the product is exposed.

    The content of the indicator is specifically tailored to different products, and simulate how the product’s remaining shelf life is reduced over time. When the product is s stored where it is warm, the indicator will move rapidly. When the product is kept cold, the indicator will move slowly. When the indicator shows zero, the product is no longer edible.

    For example: If a fish product is determined to have a shelf life of 12 days at 4℃, its shelf life will be reduced if it is kept above this temperature. However, if the fish is kept colder than 4℃, its shelf life will increase.

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  • Can I trust that the food is safe when it has a Keep-it® indicator?

    In general, food in Norway is very safe to eat. The Keep-it® indicator gives you greater confidence because you can see whether the product has been kept at the right temperature from the moment it was produced, through the entire cold chain, right up until you put it in your own fridge. Keep-it® will not improve the quality of the food, and cannot reveal food that is bad to start with. The quality of the products is the producer’s responsibility, but Keep-it® helps you assess the item’s durability based on how it has been stored.

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Make smart choices every day

A more accurate “best before date"

Letting our sense of smell decide whether or not food is edible is not good enough. Food can have gone off without smelling or tasting bad. The Keep-it® indicator gives you accurate and real time information about the remaining shelf life and durability of perishable food.

Keep-it® help you save money and saves the environment as well

In Norway, we throw away a lot of food which is often perfectly fresh, and which could have been eaten several days after the date on the stamp. This amounts to NOK 12 billion each year, and is partly due to the fact that the traditional date stamp does not provide precise information about durability.

Smart planning

Knowing the shelf life of your fresh foods enables you to plan your meals throughout the week. Keep-it® 
makes it easy for you to decide which products should be part of today’s dinner, both when you look in your own fridge at home, and in the supermarket.  Everybody in the household will know when to use the product.

Correct storage

Use the shelf life indicator actively at home and place the food correctly in your fridge. In this way the product will keep fresh longer. Because heat rises, it will always be warmer at the top and cooler at the bottom of your fridge. Put your fresh food items at the bottom of your fridge, right over the vegetable drawer.