Is your fridge at the right temperature?


Having fewer items in the fridge provides better air circulation and therefore a more even temperature. Remember that items such as bread, fruit and many types of vegetables do better when not stored in the fridge.

Think about where you place the items

As a rule, the temperature is lowest at the bottom of the fridge. Put temperature sensitive items, like fish, minced meat, sliced ham and other cold cuts, as well as chicken products, on the bottom shelves (not in the vegetable drawer). Many fridges have markings on the inside wall showing which is the coldest zone.

Don’t block the fan

The fan ensures good circulation and a more even temperature in the fridge. Use a thermometer to check that the fridge is actually keeping an ideal temperature. Measure the temperature at several places in the fridge, and adjust the thermostat if it does not match the actual readings. The fridge should be somewhere between 1℃ and a maximum of 4℃.

The Keep-it indicator shows the actual shelf life of fresh food, and helps you make smart choices every day. This is how.