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Put food on the right shelf in your fridge

Hot air rises, making it colder at the bottom of the fridge. So be careful about what you put where.

You should place fresh food items like meat and fish on the bottom shelf. Dairy products should go on the same shelf or just above. Keeping dairy products in the fridge door is not ideal, because the items stored there are exposed to temperature changes whenever you open and close the fridge. It is therefore better to keep food with long shelf life, such as ketchup, soya sauce and bottles of soda in the door.

The two drawers at the very bottom of the fridge are meant for fruit and vegetables. The drawers retain humidity and ensure that the temperature is not too low. Remember that not all kinds of fruit and vegetables should be refrigerated.


The Keep-it indicator shows the actual shelf life of fresh food, and helps you make smart choices every day. This is how.