What is a Time and Temperature Indicator?

A TTI is a time and temperature indicator that shows the actual shelf life of a given product. A shelf life indicator, like Keep-it, will show you how much of the shelf life is left, based on the time and temperature the item has been exposed to.

Different foods have different shelf lives, so the indicator is tailored for each item so it always shows you the correct remaining time. We make that happen by working from the manufacturer’s microbacterial studies. These show how quickly bacteria will grow over time in different temperatures on that exact food.

A TTI like Keep-it will help you:

  • To reduce food waste

  • To be sure the food you buy is safe to eat

  • To save money

Time and Temperature Indicator (TTI)
The time and Temperature Indicator shows you the remaining shelf life of a product

The shelf life indicator will also help the stores to always keep fresh food on their shelves. When the time starts running out, the stores can give you a discount on the item or remove it from the shelf.

The Keep-it indicator shows the actual shelf life of fresh food, and helps you make smart choices every day. This is how.